DPD to drive the world’s first electric delivery truck in London


A 16-ton fully electric delivery vehicle hits the streets of London early next year as the logistics company laments the market’s shortage of supply for electric vehicles

DPD has announced plans to test the world’s ‘first’ fully electric 16-ton delivery truck in London early next year, as the UK logistics company accelerates its zero-emission delivery vision.Built by the Scandinavian start-up electric vehicle maker Volta Trucks, the Volta Zero vehicle was designed to be driven in the Very Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) of central London, where DPD opened the world’s first fully electric parcel depot. UK in October 2018, the company said. .

The company has since opened two more fully-electric micro-depots, with facilities in Shoreditch and Park Lane that opened last year, and it aims to open a total of eight in the capital as part of its’ micro strategy. -deposit ”, although she did not. has set a target date for this ambition.

Olly Craughan, Managing Director CSR at DPD UK, described the Volta Zero vehicle as “an ideal solution for our urban logistics strategy”.

Volta Trucks CEO Rob Fowler added: “As the world’s first fully electric large utility vehicle, the Volta Zero has been uniquely designed to deliver packages and freight in city centers where today’s challenges are met. air quality and noise pollution are the worst. . ”

News of the partnership follows DPD’s announcement last week that more than 10% of its vehicle fleet is now fully electric, hitting its 2020 target more than five months before the end of the year.

This step brings DPD’s fully electric vehicle fleet to 700, down from just 130 at the start of the year, he said.

So far this year, the company said it had delivered nearly five million packages without emissions, saving two million kilograms of CO2, putting it on a path to deliver ten million packages by end of the year.

“We initially targeted 500 EVs this year, but with over 700 we completely crushed it,” said Dwain McDonald, CEO of DPD. “We know retail customers want this and the response at the door is great. ”

However, McDonald’s also lamented “huge frustration” with the lag in the supply of battery-powered vehicles in the face of growing demand, explaining that “we would like our new vehicles to be even more green electric vehicles – we can’t do everything. just not get hold of enough of them yet ”.

“We call on the government and the automakers to do all they can to encourage the development of more electric vehicles, at affordable prices, so that progressive companies like us can become even greener, even faster. “, did he declare.


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