Don’t be fooled! Elon Musk says Warren Buffett isn’t quite the ‘nice grandpa’ he’s meant to be


Warren Buffett has said he will not invest in Tesla. On top of that, the Berkshire boss Hathaway’s right-hand man once claimed that Elon Musk “could overestimate himself.”
Musk, for his part, admitted in May that he was “not Buffett’s biggest fan”.
Two months later and not much has changed, apparently. When Musk was asked in a recent New York Times interview if he thought Buffett was “overrated,” here’s how he responded:

“He managed to create a beautiful image of a caring grandfather for himself, which perhaps exaggerates the case. “

Buffett, not the “nice grandfather” he fell for being? Gasp!

OK, that’s not a particularly vicious jab – they’ve both heard a lot worse – but it’s pretty clear that there is at least a little bit of animosity between two of the richest men in the world.
This quarrel is not really new. The deep-pocketed duo made headlines in May 2018 when Musk said on a call with analysts that Buffett’s concept of the economic moat was “lame.” Buffett retaliated by saying, “I don’t think he would want to take us with candy. “
But is there enough competitive juice for Musk to send that classic clip to Buffett after briefly playing it on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index earlier this month?

When asked this question by The Times, Musk replied, “I did this !? Deny! “
Of course, Musk has been drinking the milkshakes of a lot of his enemies lately, with Tesla having more than tripled so far this year. Buffett, on the other hand, took a bit of heat, as Berkshire lost more market value in 2020 than all but a handful of publicly traded U.S. companies.
Lis: Buffett has ‘lost some of his mojo’, says longtime Berkshire shareholder
Tesla TSLA,
+ 5,71%
shares rose nearly 2% in Monday’s trading, while Berkshire BRK.A,
was stuck in the red. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA,
+ 0,23%
, S&P 500 SPX,
+ 0,59%
and Nasdaq COMP, at the cutting edge of technology,
+ 1,37%
were all going higher.


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