Donald Trump attacks his “book club” by calling his niece Mary “messy” and John Bolton “idiot of low life”


Donald Trump hit on his niece Mary and former national security adviser John Bolton on Friday for their revealing memoir on the president.

In a tirade on Twitter, Trump claimed he was “the ultimate member of the book of the month club” because of the recent series of scathing stories told about him in new blockbuster books.

The president launched himself into Bolton, calling him a “young model” and “war madman” before accusing him of breaking the law.

He then met his niece Mary Trump whom he called a “mess” and claimed her parents couldn’t stand her, while also accusing her of breaking the law.

President Donald Trump hit on his niece Mary and former National Security Advisor John Bolton on Twitter on Friday night over their revealing memories of the president

Trump accused them both of breaking the law, calling his niece 'a mess' and Bolton 'crazy'

Trump accused both of them of breaking the law, calling his niece “messy” and Bolton “crazy”

“I’m the ultimate book club member of the month,” Trump started Friday evening.

“First, I have a lowlife model John Bolton, a war fool, who breaks the law (he has published huge amounts of classified information) and an NDA to build the much-needed credibility and to earn a few dollars, which will all end up going to government anyway.

“The next step is Mary Trump, a rarely seen niece who knows little about me, says untrue things about my wonderful parents (who couldn’t bear it!) And me, and violated her NDA,” he said. he continued.

“She also broke the law by giving my tax returns. She is a mess!

“Many books have been written about me, some good, some bad. Fortunately and unfortunately, there will be more to come!

It was revealed on Thursday that the scathing memories of Mary L. Trump on her uncle sold nearly a million copies from pre-orders alone.

Publisher Simon & Schuster revealed that the book, titled “Too Much and Never Enough,” had sold a corporate record of 950,000 copies in print, digital and audio combined as of its sale date earlier this week.

Simon & Schuster were also the editors of Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened,” which sold nearly 800,000 copies in its first week when it was released last month.

Mary Trump

John Bolton

Trump and his allies had tried to prevent the release of the two books of niece Mary Trump (pictured left) and former national security adviser John Bolton (pictured right)

Mary Trump's `` Too Much and Never Enough '' had sold a business record of 950,000 copies in combined print, digital and audio editions as of the date of sale earlier this week.

Mary Trump’s ‘Too Much and Never Enough’ had sold a corporate record 950,000 copies in print, digital and audio combined as of its sale date earlier this week

John Bolton's memoir `` The Room Where It Happened '' was released last month

John Bolton’s memoir “The Room Where It Happened” was released last month

Trump and his allies had tried to prevent the publication of the two books, alleging that Bolton had disclosed classified information and that Mary Trump had violated a non-disclosure agreement.

The judges in each case rejected the requests for injunctions.

In her book, Mary Trump claimed that she heard her uncle use anti-Semitic slurs and that the family engaged in occasional bigotry throughout her childhood.

The White House called Mary’s allegations a “book of lies”, adding, “The president doesn’t use these words.”

Mary described her family’s activities as “instinctive anti-Semitism, instinctive racism”.

“Homophobia was never a problem because no one ever talked about homosexuals, well, until my grandmother called Elton John ‘an anti-gay insult,'” she also told the Washington Post.

In the book, she describes her grandmother Mary calling the choice to blackmail John at Princess Diana’s funeral “shame” and said it was a “little” six-letter insult.

Mary Trump, seen seated at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office during a visit in April 2017

Mary Trump, seen sitting at the desk resolved in the Oval Office during a visit in April 2017

She said this led to her decision not to go out with her family.

Mary Trump was secretly engaged to a woman, but had to postpone her marriage because her grandfather, Fred Trump Sr., had passed away.

In another explosive section of the book, in which she describes the President as unfit for office, Mary Trump writes that her uncle paid a friend named Joe Shapiro to have his SATs for him so that he could attend the famous Wharton School of at the University of Pennsylvania. Business.

Former tennis star Pam Shriver, widow of Trump’s friend Joe Shapiro of Penn, said last week that her husband had never met the future president before being in business school together – so he could not have taken President Trump’s SATS.

Mary also described President Trump’s 2016 campaign as racist several times in the book.

“He appealed to a certain fanaticism and insignificant rage, which he always did,” she wrote, noting the 1989 New York Times ad that the president withdrew demanding that Central Park Five – a group of five black suspects who have been released from assault and rape charges – to be executed.

Mary Trump's book released Tuesday

President Donald Trump

Mary Trump, a trained psychologist, described President Trump’s 2016 campaign as racist multiple times in the book and accused their entire family of racism

New York State Supreme Court Judge Hal Greenwald has put an end to the Trump family’s attempt to prevent Mary Trump from speaking about her book released Tuesday.

It was already at the top of’s bestsellers list, but Mary was unable to speak personally about it after President Trump’s brother Robert Trump claimed the book violated a confidentiality agreement. linked to the estate of Fred Trump.

Mary Trump is the niece of President Trump, the daughter of his older brother Fred Trump, who died in 1981 from alcohol-related complications.

The Trump administration sued John Bolton in June, trying to stop publishing his memoirs to the White House.  It was published on June 23

The Trump administration sued John Bolton in June, trying to prevent his memoirs from being published in the White House. It was published on June 23

However, the courts have ruled in its favor – both by publishing the book and letting it be discussed.

Justice Greenwald ruled that stopping the publication was “theoretical” because the book had already been distributed to vendors and advertised in the media.

The Justice Department also tried to block the publication of John Bolton’s book, which makes explosive statements about the president.

A judge cleared his release in June, but warned the former national security adviser had “played” with US security.

Trump criticized the decision on Twitter, calling Bolton a ‘despicable man’ who broke the law and warned that he had to pay a ‘very high price’.

The Trump administration sued Bolton a few days before the book was released on June 23 to postpone it due to concerns that classified information might be released.

Copies of the book were then leaked to the media the next day.

The president’s senior aide’s brief, which was controversially fired in September 2019, contains a number of explosive allegations about Trump, including that he asked for help from China in his re-election – a move similar to the way Trump interacted with Ukraine, which led to his dismissal.

It paints an unflattering portrait of Trump’s foreign policy decision-making during Bolton’s turbulent year and a half in the White House.

The book portrays a White House filled with chaos – a president with no real understanding of world affairs, a son-in-law exercising powers in areas beyond his depth, and fighting and stabbing in various centers of power.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton

The Justice Department’s attempt to block publication of John Bolton’s revealing book (pictured) has been rejected. in June Book makes explosive claims about President Trump

The bombshell allegations made include that Trump did “personal favors” on dictators, forced Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him win the 2020 presidential race, and delayed withdrawal from the deal with China. Iran to let Melania launch her own initiative first.

Bolton became Trump’s national security adviser in April 2018 and left in September 2019.

Trump claims he fired him, but Bolton said he left because he had clashed with the president on several policy issues, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Among other claims in the book, Mike Pompeo made fun of Donald Trump behind his back by slipping a note at Bolton saying “he’s so full of shit” and that Bill Barr said he was “worried” about his behavior .

Another section claims that Trump defended Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi to keep the spotlight out of the revelation that Ivanka was using a private email account.

Bolton alleges that Trump said the invasion of Venezuela would be “cool” and that it was “really part of the United States”, that he thought Finland was in Russia and that he did not know the Great Brittany had nuclear weapons.


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