Does the title “Killing Eve” end the show? 1 scene gives the impression that this is the case


There is so much tension Killing Eve that one of the best YouTube comments on a popular scene in season 2 reads: “This scene was more intense than season 8 of GOT. This show excites to thrill an audience without much action in the scene; everything is in the impeccable writing and performances of Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. And with the tense past of the characters, is it possible that the show has already hinted how the series will end? Perhaps. [Alertespoiler:Spoilersàvenirpour[Spoileralert:Spoilersaheadfor[Alertespoiler:Spoilersàvenirpour[Spoileralert:SpoilersaheadforKilling Eve].

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh) meet for the first time in season 1 “Killing Eve” | BBC AMERICA

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Eve vowed to Villanelle during their first meeting

When the public first met Eve Polastri as an MI5 agent, she did not know that her life was going to be turned upside down. With her knowledge of killers and murderers, she loves Villanelle very much. Throughout the first few episodes, it builds and builds, and Eve has already gone through the death of her friend and boss, Bill. So when the assassin arrives at home in episode 5, it’s like a bomb explodes.

The two have a bit of a fight, and even after Villanelle tries to calm her down, Eve is still naturally shaken. She is wet and scared, but when Villanelle supports her against her fridge, Eve is not afraid to threaten the woman.

“I’m going to find the thing you care about.” And I’m going to kill him, ”said Eve to Villanelle.

Eve’s continued obsession with Villanelle leads to so many troubles in her life. She loses her husband, she loses her job. She ends up being shot at the end of season 2, which shows her at her lowest level at the start of season 3. Nothing is ever the same. But it seems that Eve’s wish is almost forgotten.

Season 3 shows Villanelle and Eve are closer than ever, but that doesn’t mean it will end badly

It is very clear at the beginning, nothing matters for Villanelle. She connects with whoever she wants, she doesn’t belong to anyone and she only lives to please herself.

As the series progresses, it also becomes obvious that the way of life of this Villanelle and its morals, if you will, change. She begins to be obsessed with Eve wanting to find her. Then it turns into a strong physical attraction for the now MI6 agent.

It gets to the point where Villanelle has no other family, except for Eve at the end of season 3. Eve is now the thing that Villanelle cares about. As Villanelle and Eve turn around on this bridge, they are closer than ever, according to Oh.

Villanelle killed her mom and accepted the fact that she no longer wants to be a murderer. She begins to show remorse where she never had before. Villanelle also doesn’t seem to be trying to manipulate Eve to choose her at the end of the season.

However, the title of the show being Killing Eve and Eve making this vow to kill what matters to Villanelle, does that herald the death of Eve? And in the hands of Eve herself? Will passion push Eve or Villanelle too far?

In fact, the two tracks do not think there will be a happy ending

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While the end of season 3 can be considered optimistic, there are so many things hanging over their heads. They don’t have the best track record for those around them, and Eve notes that they would “consume” themselves if they tried to live together until old age. And as for the stars of the series, they also do not really see the butterflies and the rainbows for the couple.

“I’m not sure I see a real happy ending for Villanelle, because I think her worst enemy is herself and we all know it is impossible to get away from it,” Comer told The Toronto Sun on 29 may.

And as for Eve, Oh also thinks that their tension and turbulence will eventually prevail.

« Non [they won’t get a happy life together], and I think that’s what makes a big drama, “Oh told Variety on April 17. I think that’s what makes a great romance. It is desire that brings people. It is this dramatic narration. ”

Seeing like Killing Eve could actually kill Eve, there’s a lot to do before season 4.

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