DJ Khaled opens up about preparation for ‘Knockout’ hits for Drake, teases Megan Thee Stallion collaboration


Apple Music’s DJ Khaled FaceTimed Zane Lowe for an interview on a jet ski and wearing his “We The Best” face mask, why not?

But the 44-year-old mega-producer wouldn’t describe their conversation as an interview per se. “This is definitely the first interview I’ve ever done, or I would call it a celebration, on FaceTime, on a jet ski… Yep, yeah, we definitely celebrate! »He is currently preparing the release of his 12th album Khaled Khaled, an eponymous autobiographical work since its real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled.

In typical DJ Khaled fashion, he not only packed a major key, but of them key majors when he released a Drake-assisted singles verse “POPSTAR” and “GREECE” last Friday (July 17th). Despite pausing album mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s resuming his job and is ready to start rocking with some “knockout” hits.

“I’m going to burst Khaled Khaled more through the process, through deployment. You know what I mean? And that was one way to come up with two keys. My first and last name are the same. It is true. Two keys there too. I have two kids, “he says to Lowe with the waves crashing behind him.” And when I was talking to Drake, you know what I mean? I was like, “I want to hit him with a knockout. That’s what I asked him. I said, ‘I want to hit him with a knockout.’ ”

But their evolution of success together, from “I’m On One” with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne in 2011 to “No New Friends” (also with Ross and Wayne) and “For Free” both in 2013, was not. the only thing that brings them together this time (“He had always been the same with me, that is to say he does what he wants to do, he does it as he wants to do it, and that gonna be big, ”he said of the Canadian rapper). The Toronto birthplace of Khaled’s second son, Alealam, brought that pop star sensation back to life for the DJ.

“When ‘POPSTAR’ was created, I went to Toronto and my son was born,” he recalls earlier this year. “My son was born and I flew straight to Toronto right after my son was born on the same date. You see what I mean? It was something special for me, you know what I mean? Be the pop star. pop stars. We were the stars of pop. I mean, we pack all the arenas, all the stadiums and the people. We represent culture at the highest level. ”

But he has another star he has his eyes set on for another success: Megan Thee Stallion. “I mean damn, this is the Zane Lowe show, that’s right… I’ll be honest with you… you know Megan and I have one.” Yeah, we’ve got something ready.

Watch and listen to Khaled’s epic interview from the water below.


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