Dixie D’Amelio goes with his sister Charli in the behind the scenes video of “Be Happy”


Rising artist and social media star Dixie D’Amelio may have sang her bad days in her first single “Be Happy”, but the clip behind the scenes shows how her family puts her in a good mood.

D’Amelio’s exclusive 10-minute BTS clip, which he featured on YouTube on Wednesday July 8, features the entire D’Amelio clan clowning on set. The TikTok star confessed to using an interstitial vacuum the night before the shooting which ended up bruising his face. “I hope my parents don’t see it,” she wished before reading the follow-up slide, “My mom saw the bruise” and documented her mom criticizing her decision.

His 16-year-old sister and fellow TikTok topliner Charli D’Amelio makes an appearance in the clip, teasing her sister as she sits in her hair and makeup before watching the pore void video on Dixie’s phone. A makeup artist later teases the singer “Be Happy” about a tattoo she could have had, to the surprise of her father. But regardless of his smaller body choices, the D’Amelios are proud parents raising their phones to capture their daughter’s rise.

“Be Happy” catapulted D’Amelio to the Billboard for the first time this week with a place n ° 41 on the count of emerging artists (dated July 11). The song’s official music video, which premiered on July 1, has since garnered 33 million views, but this social media-powered superstarom feels embedded in what fans already know about the 18-year-old star, who counts nearly 29 million subscribers on TikTok, where she and Charli (who has 70 million followers on the platform) reign.

Watch the “Be Happy (Exclusive Behind The Scenes)” video below.


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