Dispute over wearing coronavirus mask inside Michigan convenience store leads to gunshots and fatal shots


Michigan man suspected of stabbing elderly man outside convenience store after being denied service for not wearing a mask was shot and killed by a sheriff’s assistant, officials said on Tuesday. authorities.

Sean Ernest Ruis, 43, of Grand Ledge, entered a Quality Dairy store in Windsor Township shortly after 6:30 a.m. and argued with a 77-year-old man inside during a refusal confrontation to wear a face covering. Said Michigan state police lieutenant Brian Oleksyk.

The two men left the store and continued the conflict in the parking lot. Ruis stabbed the man and fled the area in a car, said Oleksyk.

The assistant to an Eaton County sheriff spotted the vehicle and stopped traffic. Ruis allegedly pulled the car out with a knife and approached the MP, authorities said.

Man denied face cover inside Michigan convenience store, shot by assistant to Eaton County Sheriff on Tuesday after allegedly stabbing 77-year-old man years about a dispute over the obligation to wear a mask.
(Michigan State Police)

“The MP tried to increase the distance by backing up and later shot and injured the suspect,” said Oleksyk.

Ruis died on the way to a hospital in the Lansing area. The stabbed victim was taken to hospital. Her condition and the extent of her injuries were not immediately available.

The assistant woman, whose name has not been released, is a 22-year-old veteran of the Sheriff’s Department and was not injured. Michigan state police are investigating the two incidents.


The deadly shooting occurs on the second day of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s order to force the masks to be worn inside businesses. The ordinance obliges companies to refuse entry or service to anyone who does not wear one. Face covers should also be worn in crowded outdoor spaces and indoor public spaces.

Ruis has been working as a transportation technician for the state department of transportation since 2008, spokesman Aaron Jenkins told Fox News.


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