Disney World Welcome Video Looks Like Covid-19 Satire


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Screenshot: Disney Parks / YouTube

Walt Disney World will reopen to the public this weekend, despite the fact that Florida is currently identifying around 10,000 new cases of coronavirus per day. But if it’s not surreal enough for you, check out the latest Disney video welcoming guests to the parks. It sounds like a bad Jurassic Park knock-off, except that the theme park isn’t filled with hungry dinosaurs – it crawls with a deadly virus.

The new video, available on Youtube, features images of attractions like the Epcot Earth spacecraft and the Empire Animal Expedition Everest. But there are several things that seem very out of place as the video continues. Most Disney employees wear masks, and some even have face shields when watering walkways, making hotel beds, and wiping almost any surface in sight.

The video is supposed to be reassuring. But it’s not reassuring for anyone who has at least two brain cells to rub.

The video plays like a morbid joke for anyone who has paid attention to the complete capitulation of the American government against the virus. The United States has just exceeded 3 million infections and has identified more than 132,000 deaths due to Covid-19, the worst epidemic in the world. And there is absolutely no sign that U.S. leaders – from President Donald Trump to governors like Ron DeSantis in Florida – have a plan to actively fight the pandemic like all other wealthy countries have done.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom reopen in Florida on Saturday, with Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios reopening on July 15. And for any Disney nerd, it’s exciting to see photos of your favorite attractions. But then you remember that there is a historic pandemic going on and hundreds of people are still dying every day, with tens of thousands of others infected and suffering from serious health consequences.

Florida registered 9,989 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the state total to 223,783 since the start of the pandemic. And according to health experts like former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the United States probably only identifies roughly one out of ten new infections. This means that Florida probably had nearly 100,000 new cases yesterday, not 10,000.

A Disney actor wipes a passenger vehicle in a new video posted by Disney Parks on YouTube.

A Disney actor wipes a passenger vehicle in a new video posted by Disney Parks on YouTube.
Screenshot: Disney Parks / YouTube

Curiously, Florida still refuses to disclose the number of people who are currently hospitalized with covid-19 in the state. This information is absolutely vital for public health experts to assess when and where vital equipment is needed to treat patients during this pandemic. Governor DeSantis, a staunch supporter of Trump, has been in denial of the state’s epidemic from the start and constantly tries to spread “positive” information during his daily press conferences.

For example, DeSantis likes to point out that the death rate is down from what it was in May. But he does not mention that it is unlikely that the death rate will remain low for long. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, it is only a matter of time before the youngest, who account for most of the cases, currently infect the elderly and the most vulnerable.

“It is a false story to take comfort in a lower death rate,” said Fauci in a YouTube chat. July 7. “There are so many other things that are very dangerous and bad about this virus, don’t be fooled. “

The other disconcerting thing about young people getting the disease is that even if they survive, there is still a lot that we don’t know about this new virus. New research from the UK suggests that covid-19 may have a terrible impact on brain function, including hallucinations and cognitive impairment.

Contact tracing – a public health measure to identify people who were close to someone who tested positive and encouraged them to isolate themselves – is virtually nonexistent in Florida, according to local news reports.

Disney actors receive training on socially distant attractions in new video posted by Disney Parks on YouTube

Disney actors receive training on socially distant attractions in new video posted by Disney Parks on YouTube
Screenshot: Disney Parks / YouTube

Yes, most other countries are currently experiencing minor outbreaks here and there, as you would expect without a vaccine. But no other country like the United States has simply given up on containing the virus, opting instead to simply reopen things like Walt Disney World as America identifies more than 60,000 new cases a day.

Australia, for example, which has roughly the same population of Texas, is experiencing a resurgence of the virus with around 200 new cases per day. As a result, the second largest state in Australia locked out this week to control the spread for the next six weeks. In contrast, Texas reported 9,979 new cases on Wednesday and 98 deaths, a new record for the state’s daily death toll from Covid-19. And yet, Texas is wide open to business.


But these countries are also working to effectively control the virus. On Wednesday, Germany had only 356 new cases and 14 deaths, Denmark has registered 12 new cases and two deadand Norway had three new cases and no new deaths. Sweden, which has become an international punchline with its first government faux pas to control the virus, only had 302 new cases yesterday and 12 new deaths.

There is absolutely no reason why the United States should experience a worse crisis than all of these countries cited by Trump, given the immense wealth of the country. But he is.

Disney actors salute in a video released for the reopening of Walt Disney World on July 11, 2020.

Disney actors salute in a video released for the reopening of Walt Disney World on July 11, 2020.
Screenshot: Disney Parks / YouTube

Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney have also reopened in China, but the Chinese mainland currently has no community transmission of the disease. Officially, China has seen 83 572 infections and 4,634 deaths, and even if we assume that this is a substantial undercoverage, it is still a tiny fraction of the American epidemic. How do we know that the virus is probably almost non-existent in China if the Chinese Communist Party often lie? Other countries welcome Chinese tourists and are encouraged to keep their country free. Chinese citizens can visit several European countries like Greece, a vacation destination where American tourists were banned.

To be clear, Disney World is a lot of fun. It’s a great place to visit with the family, but summer 2020 is certainly not the time to go. It’s not worth it three months to cough up your lungs and feel absolutely unhappy just to be able to go Space Mountain. Wearing masks is good and vital to public health right now, and it’s encouraging to see Disney employees wearing them, but the masks don’t make you invincible. It is simply safer to stay at home.

Disney parks will still be there when the pandemic is over. We promise. The confidence of the general public in American institutions is another story… But the only solution for this is to vote the tramps.


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