DHS to Lift Global Entry Ban for New York Residents


DHS said Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature changed the law, which went into effect last December and allowed undocumented immigrants to apply for a New York driver’s license while protecting information of applicants against immigration control agencies.

The decision to no longer allow New York residents to participate in certain traveler programs had sparked outrage from lawmakers and state officials. At the time, Cuomo had called the changes the federal government made to the approved traveler programs “pure policy”, saying, “It has nothing to do with government policy or laws.”

The Global Entry program – managed by US Customs and Border Protection – provides a dedicated and expedited service to pre-approved travelers entering the United States.

New York State will now allow the sharing of information on Department of Motor Vehicles records “as necessary for a person seeking acceptance into a trusted traveler program, or to facilitate vehicle imports and / or exports. ”, According to the legislative text cited by DHS.

“We appreciate sharing information with CBP for the Trusted Travel Program, which allows DHS to move forward and resume processing New York residents,” Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad said. Wolf, in a statement.

“Nonetheless, local New York law continues to maintain provisions that undermine the security of the American people and purport to criminalize the sharing of information between law enforcement agencies,” Wolf’s statement added.

DHS said it was working with the Justice Department to determine next steps.

Cuomo said in a statement Thursday that he met with President Donald Trump last winter to find out how to resolve the issue while protecting the privacy of New Yorkers.

“Subsequently, the issue was dealt with in the state budget adopted in April,” he said. “I’m glad this problem is finally resolved for all New Yorkers. “


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