Deutsche Bank could offer a life line to Wirecard


BERLIN – Two weeks after the crash spectacular of the giant German technology financial Wirecard, Deutsche Bank said Thursday that it was ready to provide emergency funding to help keep the company in business, even as its former CEO is in on bail, and that his principal assistant is hiding from the authorities.

“We are, in principle, willing to provide this support”, said Sebastian Krämer-Bach, a spokesman for Deutsche Bank, “if such assistance became necessary.”

The lender said that the offer was being discussed with the regulatory agency German financial and the insolvency administrator which currently handles the business of Wirecard. He has not provided other details.

The declaration may have been the first good news for Wirecard since the company, formerly a rising star of the stage technology of German, providing services of digital payment through the world imploded two weeks ago after the auditor has not been able to find is 1.9 billion euros ($2.1 billion) listed. in the books of the company. The disclosure has forced the resignation of Markus Braun, the longtime CEO. He was then arrested for suspicion of market manipulation and released on bail after having spent the night in jail.


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