Desperate Bolivians seek fake toxic bleach as cure Covid-19 | News from the world


Long queues form each morning in one of the Bolivian cities hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic as desperate people wait to buy small bottles of chlorine dioxide, a toxic bleach that has been falsely presented as a remedy for Covid-19 and a myriad of other diseases.The rush into the city of Cochabamba to buy a disinfectant known to harm those who ingest it comes after the Bolivian health ministry warned of its dangers and said at least five people had been poisoned after taking chlorine dioxide in La Paz, the capital.

“The Ministry of Health cannot risk recommending something that has no scientific basis,” said Miguel Ángel Delgado, a senior ministry official.

However, the opposition-controlled Bolivian congress encourages the use of chlorine dioxide. Last week, the Senate approved a bill authorizing “the manufacture, marketing, emergency supply and use of a chlorine dioxide solution for the prevention and treatment of coronaviruses”.


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