Derby County v Nottingham Forest Live – Rams Make Double Change, Pride Park Match Action



Derby and Forest fans have told us how they think the game will go….

Zachary: 4-2 Derby

Paul Starkey: Derby 2-1

Brad Jones: 0-0

Vaughan Richards: Derby 3-2, we will control the first half as we have done since the restart and take risks, then they will have the second half

Paul Wright: Hard to call. Derby is the best football team, but Forest is organized and clinical. Expect a close match.

Mike nffc: Derby is definitely on form at the moment and must be confident, it will be an interesting match. Too bad there are no fans to create an atmosphere.

Stephen: 3-1. Chevalier and Sibley double.

Lee Clarke: 1-1

Andy Mitchell: 2-2 with Forest scoring in the 94th minute … in fact, you can almost write it now. In fact in context, I’m not sure that a draw would be the worst result. Obviously, I would love to beat them, but how long can we maintain the winning streak?

Andrew Sims: 2-1 Rams, Martin with his first goal against them

Toby Mearns: I hate to say but I got 0-0 everywhere

Rob: 3-1 Rams. Rooney, Louie Sibley et Waggy!

Paul O’kane: I think it may be a step too far for our young guns. Strong forest, Derby vulnerable defensively – 0-2

STU / BURTON RAM: it depends on the Derby – 2-0

Stephen Hall: I would honestly take a point right now

ReissNFFC: Solid derby at home, Forest solid outside. Derby will have possession of it, we will try to impregnate it and knock on the counter. Can see a 0-0 or a little bit of quality for 1-0 anyway.

Paul Mottershead: Scrappy 1-0, hopefully a Derby win

Ben Lavender: 1-0 Sibley

Liam Whitehead: 0-0

Tom Bunting: I think the way we play is the best I know. Our game deserves more goals and we have to win a big victory. I think it could be 4-0 Rams if we try our luck

Chris Gilmore: It Hurts To Say But Think 2-0 Forest

Steve Bowler: Don’t lose to Forest! I think it’s a bit of a must win for us. Close game, 1-0 against the Rams

Rocky: Derby hasn’t beaten Forest in a while, so a Derby win is due and you guys (Derby) are in good shape. We sit down a lot and look for counter-attacks, very defensive sometimes, Derby will have the whole ball. Think we could lose this one, but will take a point. 1-1

CB: 1-1

Fantastique Mr Fox: 2-2

Dan Summers: Derby 2-1

Scott Gretton: Derby 2-1. Tight game. But Derby will be exposing Forest for what it is – a mediocre, well-trained championship team that has had its best season in years but still just above us, despite our terrible problems out of the field.

Simon Toyne: 2-2… we can score, but we have defensive weaknesses!

Morten Pelch: Prediction from a Danish Derby fan since 1995. We will win 2-1

Ram in Sweden: I’m pessimistic, so I have to say 0-1, but I feel that the two teams would be satisfied with one point, so it could be a boring match.

Abi Ashcroft: 1-0, Sibley

Grant Nelson: I think Derby 2-1. The way we can open up the teams with the possession we have. Players finally have the way of playing Cuckold but are a bit vulnerable to an error or two.

Rob Wilcockson: 3-1 Derby, quietly confident.

Daniel Riley: Derby 3-1 – we walk

Richard Fenn: I said 1-1 and the two teams leave happy

Leigh Butler: What’s good behind the closed doors is that the young pistols won’t be impressed by the opportunity, but Forest has had their best season in years and I think they will always hold the Brian Clough Trophy at the end of the match.

Bert Jones: Today is a rehearsal for the Wembley Playoff Final


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