Democratic lawmakers call for funding for potential COVID-19 treatment


Two Democratic members of Congress are calling on the federal government to increase funding for possible palliative preventive treatment for COVID-19.Representatives Raja Krishnamoorthi and Katie Porter call for research into the use of antibody-rich COVID-19 immunoglobulins (COVID-IG), taken from the blood plasma of recovered patients, as a potential treatment to prevent infection. They say public health experts believe COVID-IG injections can be used to protect people who have not been exposed to the coronavirus, or for those who may have been exposed but have not yet had a symptoms.

“As coronavirus cases skyrocket in parts of the country, identifying all of the possible prevention and treatment strategies that are available to us is critical,” lawmakers said in a statement. Noting that the Trump administration has already established public-private partnerships to accelerate the search for a COVID-19 vaccine, they say that “we cannot abandon investments in additional potentially life-saving options before ‘a vaccine does not become readily available’.


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