Deciding who will go to Toronto will not be easy for Canadians – The Athletic


The NHL has sent the protocol for life inside the two hub cities for the round robin and subsequent playoffs on Sunday night. Each of the 24 teams involved in the game will limit itself to 52 people traveling to the city central, a number that is very easily reached when you consider how a team normally works on the road. It is further complicated by the mandatory roles that the NHL and the NHLPA have determined that each team must fulfill its protocol, thus taking a place away from someone that a team might have wanted to bring. For example, some teams question the need to have a security officer for each team, especially since the presence of this person could prevent a member of the front office from joining the group, or even an additional player. or someone else who travels normally and has an important role on the road.

Establishing this list of 52 people therefore becomes a real headache. Since Canadians are already working on theirs, we …


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