Deadpool might not be able to exist in the MCU after all thanks to a little detail


Dead Pool was released in 2016. Dead Pool 2 were released in 2018. In a normal universe, Deadpool 3 would be out now. If there is something that the past few months have clarified, we are not living in anything that resembles a normal universe.

Now, Deadpool 3 has nothing that looks like a release date. Even if a script was ready, it could not be shot at this time due to the pandemic. So fans are wondering if time travel could help release Deadpool 3 – or if it could only keep it at bay.

‘Deadpool 3’ is even more blocked than most superhero movies

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Right now, every superhero movie, whether Black widow, Wonder Woman 1984 or Venom 2, has been postponed until the end of this year or until 2021 and beyond. But Deadpool had problems before the coronavirus even took its toll.

One was Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox, which owns the rights to Deadpool, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. The last two films of the last two have both bombed, but the Deadpool films have been very successful, the first making $ 363 million here, which was better than most people expected. Deadpool 2 did a little worse, earning $ 324 million, but it was still good enough for a third party to appear to be in the bag.

Not only did Fox buy its stand Deadpool 3, but questions arose as to how the film could progress. More than a few fans believed that Disney would neutralize the rude anti-hero to a PG-13 rating, although several people have said that this will not happen. There is another loophole, in the form of this crutch of eternal narration, time travel.

How does time travel affect Deadpool?

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On a Reddit topic, a topic asked, “I just watched Deadpool 2 and saw a small but very important detail. Time travel. It literally breaks the rules of time travel End of Game. This is because the teddy bears of the Cables girls change as a result of a change in the past. In Endgame, this would be impossible because it is clearly established that you cannot change the present in the past because the present becomes your past. ”

End of Game famous BS on Back to the future a time travel logic that says you can change the future by changing the past. As another fan explained, Endgame uses quantum time travel that follows different rules. And Deadpool, both as a character and as a franchise, is nothing if not a violation of the rules. Think of the wisecracks that Deadpool could do about quantum time travel, and the fact that Cable looks a lot like Thanos, as both are played by Josh Brolin.

So time travel shouldn’t keep Deadpool from being part of the MCU, as Deadpool movies don’t take themselves too seriously. As one fan put it, “Dude. It’s Deadpool. They can simply make DP1 / 2 a dream if they want it too. Like waking him up and being really confused. Or accidentally travel to the MCU. Literally, everything is possible with your character. “

What is really holding “Deadpool 3”?

Anything can be possible with the character from Deadpool, but that doesn’t mean it will make the third movie easy to take off. Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld recently sparked controversy when he appeared to be throwing Marvel Studios under the bus for Deadpool’s delay.

According to Gizmodo, Liefeld clarified his comments by saying, “” Do I know there is no movement on a Deadpool 3 now? I know it. Yes, “said Liefeld. “And does that worry me?” Not at all. What I did was that I answered a question honestly. And what I learned this week is just lying. Just tell people that everything is lollipop, unicorns and rainbows and you will be better in your life because people want them to lie to them. Just because a guy says, “Yes, we are continuing to move forward,” is the code for “There is nothing to do here.” ”

This is another way of saying “Don’t hold your breath” when it comes to Deadpool 3. It will almost certainly happen at some point, but it will be later than earlier. And it’s no different from any other film released these days. Deadpool fans will simply have to wait longer. And they probably want to be able to use time travel to solve this problem.


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