Danish prince recuperates after brain surgery in France


COPENHAGEN – Prince Joachim, the youngest son of Queen Margrethe of Denmark, who has undergone emergency surgery for a blood clot in his brain, will not suffer any long-term effects, the royal palace said on Tuesday .

The 51-year-old prince, who was on vacation in France, was admitted to Toulouse CHU late Friday and underwent surgery early Saturday.

“The blood clot in the brain was due to a sudden dissection of an artery, and the hospital’s medical team believe that the risk of recurrence is very low when the artery has healed,” said Lene Balleby, a spokesperson for the royal household. A declaration.

“It is the doctors’ assessment that Prince Joachim will have no physical effect or other injury as a result of the blood clot,” Balleby said. “Prince Joachim should be moved from the intensive care unit as soon as possible, but will continue to be hospitalized for some time.

Joachim married Marie Cavallier, with whom he has two children, in 2008, and she became Princess Marie. He also has two children from his first marriage to Hong Kong-born Alexandra Manley who became Countess of Frederiksborg after their divorce in 2005, the first split in nearly 160 years in Europe’s oldest monarchy.

Joachim is sixth to the Danish throne after his older brother, Crown Prince Frederik, and his brother’s four children.


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