Dallas ISD Director Says Back To School Date In August “Endangered”


The director of the Dallas ISD says that the back-to-school time in August is threatened.

Dr. Michael Hinojosa says there will be a lot more going back to school, but delaying the start may be more realistic. He also had somewhat optimistic ideas about high school football.

The superintendent is generally always optimistic. Even after the tornado destroyed three schools last fall, the school never missed a beat.

But now, in a network interview with MSNBC, Hinojosa says it is no longer safe to call a date in early August.

“At first, I thought we would be ready. But I’m starting to have doubts. Can we remove this by August 17? ” he said. “The parents have turned. Over 50% now say they do not want to come. I hear loud and clear from teachers that they are wondering how we can get there. ”

Hinojosa says pushing back the start date to September is not out of the question.

“Originally, it was the backup plan I had,” he said. “But now, this backup plan is becoming more and more a reality. ”

An elementary school teacher, who did not want to show her face, said that she recognized that children should be in school, but not if it was to the detriment of their physical health.

“These children must be with other children. They have to be with their teachers, ”she said. “But at what cost will we do this?” ”

The teacher says that teaching her class and two children practically this spring has not been easy. But she thinks it may still be the safest option.

While the state has given parents the choice of doing it in person or through virtual learning, teachers – even those with high-risk health conditions – have not had the same option. However, she does not think that delaying the start of the school year is the answer.

“Children have priority. Without teachers, no school, ”said the teacher. “A delay would not have much impact on the cases. Rather than delaying the start date, start remotely and then reopen slowly when cases arise. ”

Dallas ISD school board president Justin Henry says he is open to a delayed start.

“Student safety is a priority for the staff,” he said. “I am the parent of two children. I’m dealing with this decision myself. Security is a major problem. ”

Henry says they are still finalizing the date for the special meeting later this month. He says it’s also the meeting where they hope to expose exactly what the school day will look like, from pickup to pickup in the pandemic environment.


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