Daily Struggles Drive Loaloa wins contract with France




                                                                    L'ancien représentant fidjien des moins de 20 ans explique pourquoi il a accepté le contrat français.   

                                                                                    L'ancien Fidjien U20 Alivereti Loaloa repousse un adversaire.  L'ancien étudiant de RKS joue maintenant pour le club français de Pro D2, USON Nevers.                                                                                

Les difficultés quotidiennes de la famille sont ce qui a poussé l'ancien attaquant fidjien des moins de 20 ans, Alivereti Loaloa à prendre contact avec le rugby en France.

Loaloa, who was nicknamed the strongman of Ratu Kadavulevu School when they won the Deans Trophy in 2016, broke his silence with SUNsports about joining the French club Pro D2 USON Nevers in late 2018.

“Family is everything to me,” said the 21-year-old French girl.

“I still remember the times when I came back to the village and when I experienced the hardships that my families were going through and it was not easy.

“In my village, to survive, we have to work very, very hard but the yields are not so good.

“This is why I chose to take this contract for three years and to make life easier for my family in the village.

“My family deserves to have a good life and it means a lot to me.”

Loaloa said that despite the pressure on him to stay behind, he made up his mind.

“I always gave everything to do well. After four months of my arrival in France, my rugby has really improved. ”

Mataso native Kadavu said he was satisfied with the progress made and never regretted his decision.

“I think it was a wise decision. I do it for my family and despite my presence, I still feel for my parents because they live a lot at home. ”

Loaloa said he would never forget the day he told his family that he was leaving for France.

“They were really excited. They supported my decision because they were thinking about our future.

“I was only two months old when my parents handed me over to my grandmother living in Lami when they returned to the village.

“Despite our difficulties, we still supported each other. I am lucky to have this in my family. ”

Loaloa said that sometimes he felt depressed and wanted to quit smoking, his grandmother always encouraged him to become a better person and a better player.

“I am the first in my village to put on the white jersey (Fijian U20) and the first to play abroad, it was incredible to see how they sent their support and their blessings. ”

Position change

Loaloa said he plans to join the Players from Training Fields (JIFF) while studying at the academy and become a professional player.

“They moved me to the center because they want speed and skills to unload because it adds power to the back. I train with the backline most of the time and with the senior team.

“The plan is to have me as a backup player during the game, so if injuries happen, I can fit in.”

Loaloa said he had set his goal of playing for France at either seven or fifteen rugby.

“I believe that I am still young and that there is a long way to go and nothing is impossible when God is in control. It all depends on the opportunities and how I grab and use them. ”

New experience

“It’s a big club because it was promoted to Pro D2 in 2017.

“For me, the knowledge of rugby and the level of rugby here is at another level when you compare it to Fiji,” he said.

“The training discipline and the program are very different because we have matches week after week.”

Loaloa said the first thing he did was adapt to the club system and structure, which go hand in hand with the game plan.

“Once you understand that the game system in the club will be very easy. ”

Souvenirs de RKS

Loaloa said he is always moved when he thinks of his school life at RKS,

“Life was difficult as a rugby player at RKS because there were many good players and the teachers often chose their best students to play.

“For me, I thank the coach, Nacanieli Saumi for believing in me,” he said.

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