Cursed Netflix launches a trailer full, adding to its magical world


Katherine Langford plays Nimue, aka the Lady of the lake. Netflix

The last series to come out of the safe, well-stocked Netflix is a fantasy dark based on a graphic novel of 300 and legend of the comic book Sin City by Frank Miller.

Cursed follows Nimue, aka the Lady of the lake (played by Katherine Langford of 13 Reasons Why), then she is dragged into a war between magic and the church. Somewhere along the way, she picks up the Excalibur ” cursed “.

The second trailer, extending the first teasershows that Nimue is in charge of bringing the sword to Merlin, but she also seems to have a moment where she wants the sword for herself.

We get a few glimpses of Nimue using his magic, as well as a part of the destruction caused by the Paladins red. Arthur is there too, played by Devon Terrell.

The series, re-imagining the arthurian legends, will be released on Netflix on July 17. So far, the trailers have produced visual promising, and the black magic associated with a granularity medieval Witcher-esque, so let’s hope that Cursed book.


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