Curling Canada said game will continue, but with many new rules – Vernon News


Curling will be allowed to return to local rinks, but in a modified form.

Curling Canada has announced a long list of post-COVID rules for tipping the house.

The National Agency guidelines have been designed to guide the Canadian curling community throughout the coming season regarding COVID-19.

Curling Canada consulted with many curling organizations and clubs to develop the guidelines.

They include certain expected measures such that players are not allowed to shake hands before or after a match and various cleaning measures must be taken, but there are also some sport specific rules.

  • The stones must be disinfected at the start of each draw.
  • The players select their two stones. No exchange of stones during a game.
  • Players must not touch any stone other than their own.
  • Let the player who delivers the next stone collect their own stone.
  • Insist that the stones be lined up in a single file at the corners.

The way the game itself is played will also be changed to meet the post-COVID world.

  • There will be only one sweeper on all stones delivered and no second relay sweeper will take over halfway through the sheet.
  • The house manager is never allowed to sweep. The non-deliverer’s jump must remain in the hack area until all of the stones stop and they are not allowed to sweep the opposition stone behind the starting line.
  • The jump or vice-jump (not both) of the non-delivering team must remain at the hack level until the other team has finished playing and has left control of the house.
  • The skip or vice skip (both teams) cannot sweep stones (both colors) set in motion by the delivery team.

The guidelines also cover gameplay, cleanliness of buildings, food and drink, customer awareness and other aspects of the reopening.

For a full list of rules, click here.


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