Cuomo tells NYPD to ‘do a better job’ enforcing COVID rules, warns NYPDs about getting sloppy


What there is to know

  • As the national threat grows, so does that of local non-compliance; Governor Andrew Cuomo said he was “appalled” by video of crowded concert on Long Island this weekend and launched an investigation
  • Cuomo has repeatedly insisted that local governments step up their efforts and do a better job of enforcement; he specifically called the NYPD on Tuesday
  • More than 130 bars have been cited in New York and Long Island since Friday; 12 New York bars have had their licenses temporarily revoked after the weekend

New York and Long Island are under close watch by Governor Andrew Cuomo amid dozens of recent COVID violations for non-social distancing and other issues. He again touted his oft-repeated mantra: Local governments, do your job.

Cuomo’s latest criticism on Tuesday came amid his ongoing argument that local governments, largely in upstate New York, have failed to enforce the 6-foot-away rules and mask. He questioned why local law enforcement hadn’t dispersed large crowds to New York bars or a concert in the Hamptons, saying the latter situation was “out of control and all the rules were raped ”.

“Our economy is reopening, the infection rate has remained low because we have made compliance. If we haven’t complied, if we get lazy, if we are sloppy, you’ll see these numbers increase – I need local governments to do that. their work, ”the governor said on Tuesday. “State government cannot substitute for every local government law enforcement role – we just don’t have enough resources on the state side. I need the NYPD to do a better job in New York. “

Daily percentage of positive tests by New York region

While the whole of New York State is in a phase of reopening, Governor Andrew Cuomo is focusing on daily monitoring test results in each region to identify potential hot spots before they emerge. Here is the latest tracking data by region. For the latest county-wide statewide results, click here

More than 150 bars and restaurants in New York City and Long Island have been cited for COVID violations over a four-day period starting Friday, with Cuomo adding 26 more violations Monday night in the city. Twelve establishments in the five boroughs have had their liquor licenses temporarily revoked for offenses ranging from employees and customers without a mask to the possibility of assembling.

In total, more than 40 New York bars and restaurants have had their licenses withdrawn since March. Cuomo warned Monday for the second time in a week that it may have to close bars and restaurants in New York again if business and personal compliance does not improve.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he believed most bars and restaurants in New York City were complying with the regulations, while admitting there were violators. Cuomo acknowledged the same, for all intents and purposes, but warned that a “handful of bad actors” could ruin the reopening for everyone.

The local compliance slippage exacerbates the threat of out-of-state travel, Cuomo says. Both threaten New York’s overall progress against the coronavirus – and both problems have only intensified in recent weeks.

Nearly three dozen states, along with Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, are now on the tri-state quarantine list. All of these states are seeing increases in COVID cases that qualify them as ‘hot spots’ by Cuomo standards, and people traveling to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from these states must self-isolate for 14 days . Those disembarking in New York must also submit a form.

“All over the country, it’s still very bad. So there are more states that have passed our quarantine threshold, ”Cuomo said Tuesday.

The additions to the quarantine list on Tuesday came on the same day the nation surpassed 150,000 virus deaths, according to NBC News estimates. New York accounts for about 17% of that toll, although its actual number of deaths likely or possibly related to COVID likely far exceeds the 25,126 confirmed deaths reported on Tuesday.

All of New York State is in the fourth and final phase of Cuomo’s reopening, although New York City has taken a modified approach to the latter two amid evidence suggesting an increased risk of confined spaces.

New Jersey, which has lost nearly 16,000 people to date, has also slowed its reopening process and indefinitely put indoor meals on shelves amid the national climate. Gov. Phil Murphy has yet to set a date for the state’s entry into Stage 3, the final phase of its reopening, saying earlier this week that he would not be responsible for moving to the next step for now.

“Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later, but not yet,” Murphy said.


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