Crying Kim Kardashian tells Kanye ‘don’t come home until you’re better’ during crisis negotiations


Kim Kardashian broke down in tears as she tried to save her marriage to Kanye West during a crisis meeting in the parking lot. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 39, flew to Cody, Wyoming to take on her husband after claiming he wanted a divorce on Twitter in a few since-suppressed rants.

The reality TV star was pictured crying in a vehicle with Kanye as they had a heart-to-heart after asking for compassion for him on social media, explaining he was experiencing a bipolar episode.

In a bid to protect their four children from the worst of what is going on with their parents right now, sources said Kim had told Kanye “not to come home until he was better.”

Kim Kardashian cries as she has crisis talks with Kanye West

A source told Sun Online that Kim will return to Calabasas, Calif., Without her husband, in the hopes that he will ask for help so that he can return to the family “when he’s ready.”

During Kanye’s social media rant, he accused Kim of cheating with Meek Mill when he met him where they discussed prison reform.

He also brought up her Playboy shoots, her sex tape and called her a “white supremacist” and now Kim doesn’t want him to come back to Los Angeles until he’s “calmer and more stable”.

Kim Kardashian is pictured getting emotional as she reunites with Kanye

Kim doesn’t want Kanye to come home until he’s better

The source said, “Kim knows he feels Wyoming is calm and LA can be stressful.

“She told him not to come back until he felt ready. In truth, I think she tries to protect their kids from what’s going on until he is better – she’s super-protective of them. The children come first. ”

Beauty mogul KKW wants children “unaffected by what is going on.”

The source continued, “Of course she would love to have Kanye come home and everything to get back to what she was before, but in reality that won’t happen. ”

Kanye West’s controversial comments

Kim has reportedly seen a divorce lawyer since Kanye tweeted that he had been trying to get out of their marriage for two years.

The source concluded, “There is no turning back for them now. ”

Despite this, Kim took to Instagram to post a statement praising Kanye before explaining how they are dealing with his bipolar disorder.

She wrote: “As many of you know, Kanye is bipolar. Those who understand mental illness or even compulsive behavior know that the family is powerless unless the member is a minor.

Kim reportedly spoke to divorce lawyer before meeting Kanye

“People who are not aware of this experience or who are far removed from this experience may make judgments and not understand that the individual himself must be engaged in the process to get help, little matters the efforts of family and friends. ”

With a heartbroken Kim, Kanye publicly apologized to his wife, writing on Twitter, “I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for going public with something that was a private matter.

“I didn’t cover her like she covered me. To Kim, I mean I know I hurt you. Please excuse me. Thanks for always being there for me.

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