Creator drops clues to second half of season 1 of Unsolved Mysteries


If you’re like me, you’ve launched the new restart of “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflix. AND – if you’re like me, you’re also wondering why, oh why the season has only six episodes. Well, good news – according to a Variety interview with showrunner Terry Dunn Meurer, what Netflix released a few weeks ago is just half episodes, with another batch already packed and which should be released later this year! Hooray!

AND – if the meetings with the paranormal are the kind of “unsolved mysteries” that keep you awake at night, good news – some of these types of episodes are coming, with a ghost story in the lot to come! Now I know for certain that this will be great news. Everyone loves a good paranormal story, BUT, the scariest “unsolved mysteries” have always been, for my money, the most down to earth. I mean, they don’t get scary than Patrice Endres being killed and her husband sleeping with his ashes like a teddy bear – all that he proudly admits to the film crew. EWWWWW.

Anyone else obsessed with the show? And if so, how do you sleep?


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