CP Source: CFL Submits Revised Financial Application to Federal Government


TORONTO – The CFL has sent Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault a revised financial request.

A CFL source said Friday that the league is asking for about $ 42.5 million in aid. In April, it asked the federal government for financial assistance of up to $ 150 million if the 2020 season is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said the league wanted to “be accountable to taxpayers” and would try to repay some of the government assistance through “community programs, promoting tourism, Gray Cup, our digital channels ”.

The source added that the new request is to cover operating costs and player salaries for a shortened 2020 season. The proposal also includes a letter of support from the CFL Players’ Association.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity because neither the government nor the CFL confirmed the request.

Last month, the CFL and the CFLPA began talks to modify the current collective agreement to allow for a shorter season. Both parties must approve all changes for all games to be played.

But before the start of negotiations, the CFL presented the union with a note describing the conditions it wanted and a deadline for completion on July 23.

When asked about the revised financial request, the CFL said, “We are continuing discussions with the federal government, including discussions about our possible return to the game.”

Although the review involves far less money, the situation in the CFL has not changed much. He is still in need of financial assistance, as revenues have dropped dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and expenses are expected to continue to increase if he tries to play a fanless season.

The initial request for the CFL in Ottawa included three levels: it demanded $ 30 million immediately to manage the impact of the epidemic on league activities; additional assistance for a shortened regular season; and up to an additional $ 120 million if the 2020 campaign is lost.

When Ambrosie addressed a standing committee on finance for the federal government in May, he was strongly criticized for not specifying where the funds would go and for not involving the ALFCP in the process. But the source said that the revised proposal reflects an authentic financial offer and contains more specific details than the original one.

Earlier an abbreviated season for 20 will start in September, but Ambrosie said a canceled campaign is also still possible.

If the CFL has a shortened season, it should do so in a hub city. Winnipeg was mentioned as a strong candidate for the hub, but the source said that Regina is also under consideration.


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