COVID New York: New York Giants offensive tackle Nate Solder chooses to quit 2020 NFL season due to coronavirus pandemic


NEW YORK (WABC) – New York Giants player opted out of the 2020 NFL season due to health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Giants left tackle Nate Solder, who has started all games the previous two seasons, his decision announced on Twitter.Under the agreement reached last week between the NFL and the Players’ Association, players can choose not to play the upcoming season without a penalty. The opt-out is irrevocable.

“My family and I have prayed, struggled and listened to God about our current situation and whether to play football this season,” Solder said in a statement on Twitter. “Our main goal is to pursue God and to listen to the Holy Spirit in everything we do. As difficult as it may be and as intimidating as what he asks us to do may seem, we have come to believe, trust and wait on the Lord. . This is why we have chosen to take a break for this season. Our family has health issues, including our son’s continued battle with cancer, as well as my own battle with cancer. We also welcomed a new addition to our family this spring, a baby boy. With fear and trembling, we struggle to keep our priorities in order and, for us, the health of our children and that of our neighbors comes before football. We fully recognize that being able to make a decision like this is a privilege. I will miss my teammates, coaches and everyone in the Giants organization. I want to thank them and all my friends and fans who continue to support me and my family through the ups and downs. As scary and gloomy as it can be at times, we know that the God of the universe has everything under His control and His plans are and always will be for our good. ”

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