COVID-19 update of July 15: here is the latest news on coronaviruses in British Columbia


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The government says it is still working on the details after resuming the WE program on July 3, but has otherwise provided little or no information.

2 p.m. – Watch your way of traveling

In phase 3 of the BC restart plan, people are finally free to move around the province – as long as they care about their “ways of traveling”.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, a (very) popular health worker in the province, introduced the term at the start of Phase 3, adding to her growing arsenal of lovely good words that helped guide British Columbians through the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But what are these ways of traveling? As City of Kelowna faces COVID-19 outbreak linked to seven people who visited the city earlier this month and who subsequently tested positive, prompting Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran to remember his “ways of traveling”, this seems to be the right time for retraining. Classes.


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