COVID-19: Two more deaths linked to Edmonton nursing home outbreaks, Alberta reports 111 new cases


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Williamson said the GSS has introduced several outbreak protocols, including restricting the movement of residents, grouping staff cohorts by floor, providing instruction on how to properly use PPE, increasing screening staff and residents with twice daily temperature checks and cancellation of group and non-essential activities. services.

According to the ESG website, there are 41 active cases among residents and 16 among employees. Five people have recovered since the outbreak was declared on June 13.

Meanwhile, Alberta Health spokesman Tom McMillan said in an email that there are currently six cases linked to the outbreak at Shepherd’s Care Greenfield, five of which are active. The outbreak was declared on July 16 and published on the province’s website on Wednesday.

“We take every outbreak extremely seriously,” said McMillan. “As with any outbreak, health officials work with the operator to ensure mandatory protocols are implemented and all necessary steps are taken to limit the spread and protect the health of residents and staff. It is essential that we continue to protect our seniors, in and out of continuing care. They are at a higher risk of serious consequences. ”

He said the virus is still in the community and precautions need to be taken in all parts of Alberta.

In addition to Good Samaritan and Shepherd’s Care, outbreaks have been reported at Capital Care Dickensfield and Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton.


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