COVID-19 testing and tracing is done in person in New York


BROOKLYN – New York City is hoping to make its efforts to continue pushing the coronavirus pandemic to another level.New York is already leading the way with free testing and dating sites, but the city is now using in-person trackers to connect with and encourage those who haven’t really cooperated after testing positive. as well as those around them to isolate.

Dr Ted Long is the executive director of the city’s Trace and Test Center.

“We’re going to knock on your door to call you,” he said.

Long leads a group of over 3,000 people who aims to keep track of every person who tests positive in the city. So far, working mostly over the phone, they’ve had a success rate of around 89% in contacting people after testing positive, but ideally to stop the spread you want that number to be a bit higher. Student.

In the past two weeks, 200 community engagement specialists have started door-to-door cautiously.

“Our tracers knocking on their doors are a way for us to reach them if we couldn’t reach them by phone and ask them how we could help them,” Dr. Long said.

But the mission of the test and trace core can only be successful if the test results arrive quickly and as you have probably heard, the national test labs have been so busy that some have waited a week or two. to get the results.

The problem is not as bad in New York as the state and city have set up many local labs that deliver results in 1-3 days, but as Gov. Andrew Cuomo acknowledged this week, c is still a problem here.

“About 30% of our tests are done by national laboratories,” he said. “These 30% are getting longer because of the national backlog. ”

Long says New York City is doing everything in its power to speed things up, like batch testing of samples, but there is a clear and immediate need for testing.

“We have to get tested quickly so that we can communicate with people so that we can isolate ourselves quickly,” he said.

Cuomo mentioned that if we don’t increase the capacity of labs across the country before the flu season, there would be even bigger issues with testing time, as there would then be two major tests to be performed by hundreds of thousands a day.


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