COVID-19 outbreak may be linked to Hutterite funeral: Alberta Health


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Public health officials have identified the source of all cases in the region, said McMillan.

“The recent cases in Warner County are all linked to known sources and come largely from a small number of gatherings with large families or social groups,” he said.

“The few individual case colonies in Alberta work closely with AHS and Alberta Health. Health officials are in close contact with everyone involved to limit the spread and protect public health. Contact tracing and testing is underway for anyone at risk. We do not disclose location details in order to maintain patient confidentiality. ”

In mid-June, when the body of the third Hutterite girl was found, a colony member speaking to Postmedia on condition of anonymity said the loss had spread to the tight-knit and deeply religious community.

“It is a big loss, especially for the families, but they are closed now,” said the colony member.

“It will be a loss that will be felt for a long time. ”

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