Covid-19 Lockdown “Carbon Savings” Cut in Half in Weeks | Environment


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Analysis by Sia Partners, seen by the Guardian, shows UK carbon emissions have fallen 36% in the first four weeks of the lockdown compared to the most recent official carbon emissions data collected in 2018 .

But by June, Britain’s total emissions savings had fallen to 16%, as more cars returned to its roads and energy demand began to rise.

Chloe Depigny, a senior executive at Sia Partners, said the data underscores the fragility of the UK’s short-term carbon savings during the coronavirus and the need for ambitious fundamental changes to the economy if the government is to hope to meet its targets at long term in terms of carbon. .

Data reveals that at the start of the lockdown, Britain saw a 90% collapse in aviation carbon emissions, a 60% drop in passenger vehicle emissions and a 30% drop in aviation emissions. UK energy system emissions.

Over the past month, emission reductions from road use have declined 60% to 30% from usual levels, and the energy system shrinkage has contracted from 30% to 15%.


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