COVID-19: British Columbia Receives “Significant” Federal Aid of $ 2.2 Billion


Content of the article

VICTORIA – British Columbia will receive $ 2.2 billion in new COVID-19 economic assistance from Ottawa, much of which will help bail out public transit agencies and municipal governments whose revenues collapsed during the pandemic .

Premier John Horgan said Thursday that the agreement between the provinces and the federal government will help boost health care, social spending and economic stimulus packages as the province prepares for a possible second wave of coronavirus this autumn.

“This funding is extremely important to people,” said Horgan. “And this is an opportunity for us to follow the programs we have already implemented in British Columbia and to improve them with federal funds.”

Under the agreement, British Columbia and Ottawa will share new operating funds for BC Transit, TransLink and local governments with budgets in deficit due to the large decline in ridership caused by COVID-19.


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