Covid-19 and the EU: “When Italy called for help, silence fell” – podcast | News


On February 26, amid a growing coronavirus health emergency, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte appealed for help from other EU member states. But far from a rapid response and the solidarity of other member states, the distress call was greeted with silence. It was a moment that stuck with the Guardian Daniel Boffey. The tell Anushka asthana how the pandemic has opened up divisions and rivalries across the continent. Like those in the “frugal” north do not want to pay for recovery efforts in the hardest hit south. And how some national leaders have used the crisis to advance other agendas.

However, after a hotly contested EU summit, there was finally good news this week: a historic agreement was signed to agree on a new budget for the emergency response. But what damage has been done to the European institutions along the way?

Photograph: Reuters

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