COVID-19 active cases in Alberta over 1,000; three new deaths reported


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As of Monday, the Calgary zone has 553 active cases, the Edmonton zone has 225, the central zone has 131, the south zone has 119, the north zone has 76 and there are five in unknown locations. .

Dr Deena Hinshaw posted on Twitter this weekend to encourage people to take simple, everyday steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the province. She encourages people to ask themselves, “Who am I protecting today?” every time they leave their homes.

As always, remember that by taking action to limit the spread, you are protecting everyone around you – including those who are at higher risk of serious consequences from COVID-19. Remember who you are protecting, ”she posted.

“If someone is tired of following public health advice, or feels that they are at no risk of contracting COVID-19, remember the importance of your actions. Each of us acts as a shield that protects our friends, families and neighbors. “


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