Coventry City has given two dates of the restart of the championship after the meeting of the EFL reveals his plans to 2020-21


Coventry City could be back in action as early as August so that the EFL is considering two potential dates to start the season 2020/21.The board of directors of the EFL has met this morning to discuss the start of the campaign of the next season, the first return of the Sky Blues in the championship in the last eight years.

CoventryLive consists of only two dates have been offered to the clubs today and that the two dates are earlier than expected for the return of the second division.

The first date of restart possible considered by the EFL is on the 29th of August, the last weekend of August. This date is two weeks later than the season 2020-21 would have started without the pandemic of sars coronavirus does not stop the sport.

If this is revealed too early, it is understood that the EFL has a backup date of September 12, a month later that a campaign of regular league begins.

These early dates would allow the football club to continue during the outbreak of coronavirus with television coverage extended helping to provide more broadcasting revenue for the teams in difficulty, the games are to be conducted behind closed doors.

The EFL may also have to relax some of its guidelines on the coronavirus to make any reboot as safe as possible for the players and their families – something also discussed today.

Michael Rose of Coventry City.

The finance experts have predicted that the last ten games of the season 2019-2020 would have cost an estimated 500 000 £ to the clubs in the league due to the high cost of the tests.

Since then, EFL has tested players from the lower leagues who will participate in tournaments of the dam, but it is understood that they will not be able to do it if all the clubs resume their activities.

Coventry has acted with caution when developing its budget plan for the next season.

The CEO Dave Boddy said CoventryLive that the club was preparing for the realistic possibility of not being able to welcome the fans in the stadiums before the new year.

He said: “I think it’s going to be hard financially for clubs to play without fans, at any level, even in the Championship.

“When we do these budgets [back in May]we were in the assumption that no fan would not be allowed to come back before January, but with a bit of luck, as the restriction lock is released, this may change.

“I look forward to welcoming to new fans because it’s going to be so weird.” he added.


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