Coronavirus: Work from a holiday home! Barbados to offer yearlong stays for remote workers | News from the world


People working at home during the coronavirus pandemic may be able to move to the Caribbean at the suggestion of the government of Barbados.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley plans to introduce a “Barbados Welcome Stamp” which would allow international arrivals to live on the island while working remotely for up to a year.

Ms. Mottley proposed the program because short-term travel became more difficult during the pandemic.

Tourism accounts for 40% of Barbados’ GDP and 30% of its workforce is employed in the sector, according to the Travel Market Report.

But the industry has been severely affected by coronavirus the pandemic wiped out airlines and docked cruise ships.

Ms. Mottley offered to offer the possibility of a one-year stay, with Barbados scheduled to reopen its borders to international visitors on July 12.

Barbados is highly dependent on its tourism industry
Mia Amor Mottley plans to introduce “Barbados Welcome Stamp”
Mia Amor Mottley plans to introduce “Barbados Welcome Stamp”

This decision would allow those who accepted the offer to immerse themselves in the culture and way of life of the island of Bajan in a way that holidaymakers cannot.

Ms. Mottley said in a statement, “You don’t need to work in Europe, the United States or Latin America if you can come here and work for a few months at a time; come back and come back.

“But for these things to really resonate, what does it mean?” This means that what we offer must be world class and what we continue to offer is world class. ”

She added, “The government is committed to working with you to promote new concepts like the 12 month Barbados welcome stamp, to be able to open our borders to people who travel and to make it more hospitable than ever.” for all of us, and it is available to Barbadians of all walks of life to believe that for special occasions, or just for that, they can go out and be part of this wonderful exercise. ”

All visitors arriving on the island must present a negative COVID-19 test result and must wear a face mask at the airport.


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