Coronavirus: Welsh pubs and cafes to reopen indoors on August 3


Pubs have been closed in Wales since March

Pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars can reopen in Wales from August 3, provided that cases of coronavirus continue to decline.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said it would also depend on how the reopening of the outdoor reception area unfolds next week.

Companies will be invited to try to maintain a social distance of 2 m and to put in place measures when this cannot happen.

It is part of a series of measures announced on Friday.

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Campsites, hairdressers, beauty salons, cinemas and playgrounds are due to reopen in the next three weeks.

Wales was previously the only part of the United Kingdom not to have set a date for the reopening of internal hospitality.

Pubs had reopened in England last weekend. In Scotland, they will be able to reopen completely on July 15.

In Wales, they can open outside from Monday in the spaces they own and are authorized.

What else has been announced?

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Playgrounds can reopen ready for summer vacation

In other announcements, on July 20, outdoor gymnasiums, playgrounds and community centers may reopen.

Campsites and other accommodation with shared facilities will reopen from July 25.

On July 27, the following activities may resume:

  • Close contact services, such as beauty salons, tattoo parlors and manicure salons
  • The visualization of occupied housing for rent or for sale will resume on the housing market
  • Cinemas, museums and galleries

Caution is advised after Melbourne foreclosure

No announcements were made on indoor gymnasiums. It is understood that the ministers are still in talks with gymnastics and leisure companies regarding the reopening of indoor gymnasiums and swimming pools.

The law applying the rules of social distancing of 2m will be amended to allow certain industries such as hairdressing to comply. Other measures, including wearing masks, should be used instead.

Drakeford called for a “note of caution,” citing the example of Melbourne, Australia, which re-enforces a lock-in after another spike in cases.

Ads “have had weeks to prepare”

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Mark Drakeford dismissed claims that the pubs had not had enough time to prepare.

“This sector has had weeks to prepare for the reopening outside, not three days. There is a lot of advice for those who intend to reopen, ”he said.

There was “anxiety”, according to the Prime Minister, among the public in Wales “at the thought of going back to places where they might think their health and well-being would not be safely assured” .

Asked if the delay in announcing a reopening date for indoor hospitality had put thousands of jobs at risk, he said the industry should spend three weeks doing the things “necessary to make the changes that work.” are offered “with opening to the outside. .


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