Coronavirus: “We will cut hair from midnight” after locking


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Carole Rickaby

Carole Rickaby says some of her customers have had “horrible” DIY jobs during the lockout

Hairdressers and barbers in England will be allowed to reopen from July 4 – and some don’t want to wait a moment longer.

Carole Rickaby, owner of Tusk Hair in Camden, north London, will open the doors of her salon at midnight.

“It’s just a fun thing to do [but] we’re busy anyway. We are fully booked from 7:00 a.m. until around 8:00 p.m. because we also distribute our customers by taking more time at each appointment. ”

Four stylists will work remotely in the living room and allow up to 15 minutes between each client for cleaning. Cups will be reserved in the morning, with color treatments that take longer in the afternoon.

Carole and all of her staff will also wear visors and wash only one client’s hair at a time.

Sandra Jacobs has been going to Carole for haircuts and color for about 30 years. But the last time she managed to get her hair cut was in early March – just before lockdowns were introduced to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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Sandra Jacobs


Sandra will be Carole’s first client at midnight

“I do what I can with the products and the rolls, but it doesn’t look great,” she said. “I wear a lot of hats these days! ”

She will be Carole’s first customer once Tusk Hair is authorized to reopen at midnight on July 4.

“It is fully booked for weeks after it reopens, and I’m just not in the morning. So I thought why not? It will be a fun experience. “

  • What to expect when hairdressers reopen
  • “We have established a waiting list of over 2,000 people”

Most of Carole’s customers on Saturday will come with long hair that needs a cut or roots that need to be repainted. But she’s heard of some DIY hair horror stories,

“I have a client – it was horrible what she did. She had a very nice red bob and she thought she would take the hair scissors … and she literally hacked it, “said Carole.

“So she won’t come back to see me right now because she still needs to grow up. “

What are the new rules in salons and barbers?

  • Social distance must be respected, with 2m between customers, or 1m with additional protection, such as a plastic screen
  • Customers must be seen only by appointment
  • A clear visor must be worn by the hairdresser
  • Customers should receive disposable gowns or a separate gown which is washed before and after each use
  • Equipment such as scissors or chairs must be cleaned between each client

Source: National Federation of Hairdressing and Beauty

“The demand was crazy”

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Matt Hughes


Matt Hughes and his team will all wear clear visors when they reopen

Carole is not the only one opening at midnight for clients who desperately want a haircut.

“The demand was crazy as soon as we posted on social media just to say that the reservation system was open,” said Matt Hughes, owner of Idris Barbering Company in Tottenham.

With the meetings scheduled for the coming weeks, Matt decided to open exclusively for a few regulars at midnight on July 4.

“It’s kind of fun and to be honest, we’re all in a rush to go back to the store. I never thought I’d want to go back to work so badly after three months without tools, “he says.

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His team will however offer a stripped down service, in the middle of the pandemic: “We are not going to offer a service where we have to present ourselves fully in front of the client.

“We will always cut the sides of the beard – and we will do what we can because a lot of people will have fairly strong growth there. ”

He adds: “I have no doubt that what will probably start to happen is that you will find that high end hair salons [social distancing guidelines] for a little longer. ”

‘I’m desperate!’

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Levi Robbins


Levi says he “definitely” needs a haircut

Levi Robbins, 29, has been a regular customer of Matt for the past year and is looking forward to a cut on Saturday.

“Once you have a hairdresser that you know is amazing, you want to stay with them. When Matt said they were offering midnight cups, I thought, “Sure! ”

“I really need a haircut, it’s terrible right now,” says Levi, adding that his girlfriend was also roped up to give her a “very quick cut, which has grown back – so I’m desperate ! ”

Levi says he will wear a face mask to attend his date, although he is “almost certain” that he caught a coronavirus around March.

“It is more disconcerting to know that you can pass it on to others without knowing it. So my partner and I treat it as if it were a complete lockout.

“Being safe at home has been nice, but it will be nice to take a break from the lock. “


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