Coronavirus updates: survivors’ immunity could last just a few months, scientists warn


One in three patients who have received antiviral medication show signs of improvement

One in three South Korean patients seriously ill with Covid-19 have shown improvement after receiving antiviral medication remdesivir, health officials said.

More research was needed to determine if the improvement was due to the drug or other factors such as patient immunity and other therapies, they said.

Remdesivir, manufactured by Gilead Sciences Inc, was at the forefront of the global battle against Covid-19 after intravenous medication helped shorten hospital recovery times in US clinical trial .

Several countries, including South Korea, have added the drug to the list of treatments for the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

There is no approved vaccine for this. In his latest drug update, Gilead said Friday that an analysis showed that remdesivir had helped reduce the risk of death in critically ill COVID-19 patients, but warned that rigorous clinical trials were required to confirm the benefit.

The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the results of a first group of 27 patients receiving remdesivir in different hospitals on Saturday.

One in three patients improves after taking the drug


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