Coronavirus Updates: “Hard Times” Coming as Melbourne Lockout Returns


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Image caption: Wuhan Institute of Virology

While most scientists believe the new coronavirus has passed from animals to humans, President Trump believes it could have come from a Chinese laboratory, while his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there were “Significant evidence” to support the theory of “laboratory leaks”.

The epidemic started in Wuhan – a big city that is home to a virology institute that studies, among other things, bat viruses.

But getting answers to Wuhan is not easy – as John Sudworth of the BBC discovered.

“A woman we are organizing to interview arrives with plainclothes police chasing her. When she rushes into our car, they block our way, ”he reports.

“We meet another man in the dark on the shores of East Lake Wuhan. He tells us that he was visited twice by the police for having reported the death of his father.

“For victims and journalists alike, it is not easy to wonder how and why the epidemic started in Wuhan and whether it could have been brought under control.

“But at the epicenter of this global disaster, the need to ask questions is a necessity, not a choice. “


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