Coronavirus UK: 649,000 people lose their jobs during lockdown – live updates | News from the world


Initial estimates from the ONS show that the number of employees is down 1.9% year-on-year in June to 28.4 million, and 0.3% compared to the previous month.As we reported earlier, this suggests that the number of UK workers on corporate payrolls fell by almost two-thirds of a million during the lockout, with the coronavirus crisis resulting in 74,000 jobs. additional last month.

ONS said job losses seem to have slowed in June, demands Universal credit by the unemployed and those on low income down 28,100 between May and June to 2.6 million.

But the number of applicants has more than doubled since March – up 112.2% or 1.4 million – a sign of the worsening of the employment crisis.

ONS said unemployment fell by 17,000 between March and May to 1.35 million, with the rate unchanged at 3.9%. Experts said this masked a drop in employment, down from 126,000 in the quarter to 32.95 million, with a rate falling to 76.4%.

With 9.4 million people on leave classified as employed, the real impact should not be demonstrated until after the end of the current support program in October.


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