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Due to the increase in testing capacity, the Secretary of Health said that the UK was now taking a more targeted approach to epidemics. Leicester remains in detention after an outbreak of cases in the city while a farm in Herefordshire was closed after 73 cases were reported. Up to 200 workers have now been asked to isolate themselves due to the number of positive cases. In the Daily Telegraph, Hancock said that more cases are now being discovered due to tests done across the UK. He said: “Every week more than 100 local actions are taken across the country – some of them will be in the news, but many others are dealt with quickly and silently. With the Test and Trace system, the government can now get a better picture of the virus in the country.

The Leicester lockdown is expected to be reviewed this week after Hancock revealed the outbreak in the city last month.As part of these measures, non-essential stores were closed and schools were closed for most of the students.

Following the outbreak in Heredforshirte, the local council said it was organizing essential food and supplies for the residents of the site.

Katie Spence, director of health protection for PHE Midlands, said: “In accordance with NHS guidelines, affected people were asked to isolate themselves for seven days, with their households and close contacts to be isolated for 14 days .

“As we have seen a global trend of large food producers subject to epidemics, as a precaution, the decision was made to test the entire workforce.

“The initial batch of results showed a significant percentage of positive cases, although these people are asymptomatic.

“We are still waiting for some final results, but currently we have 73 positive cases of Covid-19 in the workforce. “

7:45 am update: Immunity lasts only three months

Immunity in patients recovered from the coronavirus can only last three months, according to a new study.

According to a new study by King’s College London, only 17% of those tested still maintained a high level of antibodies three months after contracting the virus.

Some antibodies have decreased 23-fold in some cases and have been fully depleted in others.

7:39 am update: increase in the number of cases at a US military base

Japanese authorities have confirmed that 62 people had tested positive at an American military base on the southern island of Okinawa.

The base confirmed on Sunday that the base was now locked out.

7:26 am update: UK deals with 100 blockages per week

Due to the increased capacity, Hancock said that more cases have been discovered and can therefore be handled much faster.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he said, “The result is that we can further lift the lockout and take targeted action.

“Every week, more than 100 local actions are taken across the country – some of them will be in the news, but many others are dealt with quickly and silently. “


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