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Hello and welcome to Al Jazeera’s continuing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. I’m Kate Mayberry in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Texas officials warn that US state hospitals could soon be overwhelmed if coronavirus cases continue to escalate.
  • The border between the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales will be closed at midnight on Tuesday for the first time in a century.
  • According to Johns Hopkins University, nearly 11.4 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and 533,343 have died. Nearly 6.2 million people have recovered from the disease.

Here are the latest updates:

Monday July 6

03:15 GMT – Mexican President rejects comparisons with European deaths

On Sunday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopex Obrador refused to compare Mexico with European countries as the number of deaths from coronaviruses increased.

Mexico now has 30,639 deaths, the fifth in the world, surpassing France.

“The populations of Spain and France are smaller than those of Mexico,” said Lopez Obrador in a video message posted on YouTube. “For all those who died in our country, three died in Spain. We cannot compare this. ”

Mexico has 127 million inhabitants, compared to 67 million in France and 47 million in Spain.

The five countries with the highest number of deaths:

  1. United States – 129,946
  2. Brazil – 64,867
  3. United Kingdom – 44,305
  4. Italy – 34,861
  5. Mexico – 30,639
Source: Johns Hopkins University

03:00 GMT – The Louvre will reopen on Monday

After four months of closure, the Louvre in the heart of Paris should reopen at 9 a.m. local time (7 a.m. GMT).

All visitors must reserve a time slot and wear a mask inside the buildings, while efforts have been made to avoid overcrowding.

The State Hall where the Mona Lisa is displayed and which is generally crowded, will have separate entry and exit points.

Translation: One day until our reopening. Mona Lisa is ready to welcome you again.

02:20 GMT – Saudi Arabia announces new interior controls for COVID-19

Saudi Arabia has announced new health protocols for the pilgrimage this year, which will only be open to domestic pilgrims.

Touching the Kaaba will be prohibited and a space of social distance of one and a half meters will be imposed during mass prayers and around the Kaaba.

Access to haj sites in Mona, Muzadalifah and Arafat will also be limited to those with haj permits from July 19 to August 2, according to the national news agency.

Strict social distancing will be imposed during this year’s haj when pilgrims surround the Kaaba at the Great Mosque in Mecca [File: Saudi Press Agency/Handout via Reuters]

01:45 GMT – Bolivian Minister of Health diagnosed with coronavirus

Bolivian Minister of Health Eidy Roca was diagnosed with coronavirus, the third cabinet member in the country to be confirmed with the disease in four days.

Roca is in stable condition and “strictly adheres to the security protocol which includes isolation, medication and care,” according to a statement from his office.

00:50 GMT – Victoria / NSW border closure confirmed

Prime Minister of Victoria Daniel Andrews has confirmed that the border with New South Wales (NSW) will be closed at midnight on Tuesday in Australia.

Victoria, who has sealed off a number of suburbs in Melbourne and imposed a drastic foreclosure on nine blocks of social housing, said he had 127 new cases of coronavirus. It now has 645 active files.

00:20 GMT – New South Wales Australia will close its border with Victoria

The Australian state of New South Wales must close its border with neighboring Victoria after an increase in cases of locally transmitted coronavirus in Melbourne.

The closure will take effect on Tuesday, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Melbourne: thousands of social housing towers urged to close

11:00 p.m. GMT – Hospitals in parts of the United States pushed to the brink

Hospitals in parts of the United States are at risk of being overwhelmed.

All beds are occupied in parts of Texas – one of the states hardest hit by the resurgence of the virus.

“Our hospitals here in Harris County, Houston and 33 other cities … are in peak capacity”, Lina Hidalgo, The county general manager told ABC Television in the United States. His comments were echoed by Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, who said the system could be “overwhelmed” if the epidemic were not brought under control.

Steve Adler, the mayor of Austin, also expressed concern that hospitals may soon reach the breaking point.

“If we don’t change our trajectory, then I’m within two weeks of passing our hospitals. And in our intensive care units, I could be 10 days away from that, ”the mayor told CNN.

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