Coronavirus: SNG001 “major breakthrough” for COVID-19 treatment


British pharmaceutical company Synairgen has said it has found a new treatment for the coronavirus that could be a “major breakthrough” in preventing people from developing serious illness from COVID-19.

What is happening:

  • Synairgen said a drug – SNG001 – was used as a treatment in a new trial.

  • The drug showed a 79% lower risk of patients developing severe disease compared to a placebo used in the trial.
  • The drug “is a formulation of a natural antiviral protein called interferon beta and is inhaled directly into the lungs in hopes of stimulating an immune response,” according to CNBC.
  • The company said in a statement.

  • “During the treatment period, the extent of shortness of breath was significantly reduced in patients who received SNG001 compared to those receiving placebo,” the company said.


  • Three patients who took the placebo died. No one who took SNG001 is dead.
  • The study used 101 patients from nine different hospital sites in the UK from March 30 to May 27. Patient groups were compared based on age and average duration of COVID-19 symptoms, according to Technology Networks

So what’s the next step?

  • Synairgen will now present the results to regulators. The company is hoping it will receive emergency approval, as will remdesivir, according to CNBC.


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