Coronavirus: Shango the Gorilla tested for COVID-19 after a fever | US News


A gorilla in a zoo in Florida has been tested for COVID-19 after being taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment after a fight with his younger brother.

The Miami Zoo says that 31-year-old Shango – who weighs 433 lbs – and Barney, 26, fought on Wednesday, causing bite wounds.

They were both born at the San Francisco Zoo and arrived at the Miami Zoo in 2017, where they have lived together since.

Shango’s COVID-19 test included a nasal swab. Photo: Ron Magill Conservation Endowment

He says that conflicts between adult male gorillas in single groups are not uncommon, but that most of them consist of posture and rarely result in serious injury.

The zoo says Shango received x-rays, vaccinations, an ultrasound, a tuberculosis test, and a bronchoscopy as part of its overall preventive medicine program.

He said the plague gorilla’s bite wounds were “fairly deep,” but “fortunately, it does not appear to have caused permanent damage.”

Because he had a low grade fever, and as a precaution during the coronavirus pandemic it has also been tested for COVID-19[feminine[feminine, but it came back negative.

Shango has since been sent back to the gorilla area where he will be closely watched while he continues to heal.

The zoo says no decision has yet been made on whether to reintroduce to his brother Barney, as it will depend on “behavioral assessments by staff combined with progress in healing his injuries.”


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