Coronavirus POLL: Is going abroad selfish when a huge debate breaks out during the summer holidays? VOTE | United Kingdom | News


On July 4, the British government released a list of countries the public can now visit. List includes only countries that have mastered the virus, but in a debate on BBC Sunday Morning Live, the panel questioned whether it was ethical to travel on vacation while the UK continues to fight the virus. With that in mind, asks readers, “Is going abroad this summer selfish?” “

In the list, popular vacation destinations such as Greece, Italy and France have all been included.For this reason, passengers will not be required to isolate themselves upon arrival in the UK or at their holiday destination.

However, countries like China, the United States, Sweden and Portugal are all still at risk and medium quarantine measures are still in place when you return to the UK after your visit.

Above all, the British government has declared that traveling around the world is not “without risk”.

Because of this part of the advice, co-host of the BBC show, Sally Phillips asked travel expert Simon Calder if traveling during the pandemic could be considered selfish.

Taking into account the high number of deaths in the United Kingdom which, at the time of writing this document, amounts to 44,198, the expert affirmed that it was the decision of the traveler.

He argued, “The tourism industry is a force for good.

“It enriches us and we need it, but it enriches host communities.

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Although she said Scotland would likely agree to relax the restrictions for those arriving from low-risk countries, she also criticized the speed at which Westminster made the decision.

She said on Friday: “When there are so many issues at stake right now, we cannot get caught up in the wake, to be completely honest, of another government’s chaotic decision-making process.

“We welcome visitors from around the world again and we also want to allow our own citizens to travel.

“We also want, if possible for obvious practical reasons, to have an alignment on these issues with the rest of the UK.

“She said she hoped a decision could be made” quickly “.”

With England and Scotland taking a different approach to travel, companies have said there may be future job losses.

Scottish Chambers of Commerce have called on Sturgeon to align with a UK-wide approach to protect the economy.

The trade organization said: “Politics must be put aside by everyone in order to give Scottish businesses the ability to stimulate demand and do what they do best, making Scotland the best place to invest and do business. “


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