Coronavirus: Officials Worried About Possible Great Lake Erie Holiday On Sunday


Officials are concerned that thousands of people could gather in Norfolk County, Ontario on Sunday to mark a traditional weekend despite the coronavirus pandemic.On the second Sunday in July, thousands of people generally gather on Pottahawk Island for the annual “Pottahawk Pissup”. The island is located near Turkey Point and Long Point.

Const. Ontario Provincial Police Ed Sanchuk said the event sees a lot of alcohol consumption and that people have gathered near Lake Erie.

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It was previously advertised on social media as “the biggest boat party in North America” ​​with more than 2,000 boats and 10,000 people in attendance.

“It is possible that a large number of people will show up, absolutely,” Sanchuk told Global News Friday.

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“I can guarantee now that you will see an increased police presence not only on the water, but out of the water. For the enthusiasts who come to Pottahawk Point this weekend, we simply ask them to use common sense. ”

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Sanchuk said it would be difficult for the police to cancel such an event given the number of people who generally show up without any organization.

Coronavirus: Toronto nightclub liquor license suspended after alleged indoor party

Coronavirus: Toronto nightclub liquor license suspended after alleged indoor party

“If you are going to drop an anchor in Lake Erie and you are going to attend the event, we ask people to anchor their boats at least two meters from each other so that everyone can distance themselves properly and join your social circle of no more than 10 people for the safety of all, “he said.

Sanchuk also warned people against driving a motor vehicle or a boat while intoxicated.

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Prime Minister Doug Ford was questioned about the party at a press conference on Friday and said he did not want it to continue.

“I’m just not in favor of it unless people want to stay on their own boat or pleasure craft,” he said.

“Be careful and socially distant. This is the golden rule. ”

Home party leads to COVID-19 outbreak

Home party leads to COVID-19 outbreak

Officials are also concerned that Americans may cross the border to attend the party.

There have been reports of this phenomenon recently, including in Kingston where the mayor said he has received several complaints about Americans breaking the rules.

In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, it is currently illegal for people to cross Canada from the United States on a boat for recreational use.

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“Our American friends, I love you, but stay home,” said Ford.

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