Coronavirus: Major Brands Who Have Reported Job Reductions in the Past Seven Days | Economic news


The grim toll of job losses from coronaviruses increased again last week.

Businesses have seen their income decimated by the impact of the pandemic – and some are starting layoff consultations before they start paying part of the cost for next month’s workers on leave.

The government is gradually reducing aid available under the program before it ends in October.

Painful decisions for future employers

After devastating economies around the world, the impact of COVID-19[female[feminine the spike in jobs is starting to bite, with the threat of unemployment reaching levels not seen since the 1980s.

Businesses have been forced to close, adapt or resist the disruption since the lockdown in late March.

Here are some of the job losses reported in the past seven days:

Upper crust – 5,000 jobs

The SSP group – the company behind the Upper Crust catering brand – is expected to announce plans to lay off more than half of its workforce in the UK.

Staff message Tuesday, some of which was seen by Sky News, said the proposed changes “could result in downsizing of up to around 5,000 people in the SSP, SSP Finance and SSP UK group, which includes all colleagues from the head office. and wages and hourly paid colleagues in operations. ”

Airbus – 1,700 jobs

The French-based aircraft manufacturer currently employs 13,500 people in the United Kingdom, including the main Broughton sites in North Wales and Filton in Bristol.

He said he was cutting 15,000 jobs around the world as he faced what he described as an “unprecedented crisis” in the industry.

“The economic pain of COVID-19 will be deep”

Easyjet – 727 pilots

Luton-based budget carrier has started talks with unions to cut 1,900 jobs in the UK, including more than 700 pilots after the airline collapse coronavirus.

The airline says it plans to close three of its UK bases – London Stansted, London Southend and Newcastle, although the airports would remain part of its route network.

Royal Mail – 2000 jobs

Royal Mail says its restructuring was brought about by the “additional challenges” of the pandemic.

The cuts will reduce the number of UK management positions in the company by about a fifth – which currently total 9,700 positions.

TM Lewin – 600 jobs

The 122-year-old shirt maker says he plans to close all of his stores after being hit hard during the crisis.

A company hired to restructure the men’s clothing company said it was switching all of its internet sales to save the brand, but that it would not be able to save its estate from 66 stores.

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Bensons for Beds – 1,000 jobs at risk

Blue Group – the owner of the Harveys furniture chain and Bensons for Beds – has appointed directors and is to be dissolved in a financial restructuring that will save at least 1,900 retail jobs.

In total, the group employs around 3,000 people, which means that more than 1,000 employees still need to be assured of their future.

In a note to staff seen by Sky News, Blue Group CEO Mark Jackson wrote that he had to “take immediate steps to ensure that the part of our business with the brightest prospects can be rebuilt at the release of COVID-19 ”.

Smiths Group

Engineering giant and FTSE 100 Smiths Group has announced that it will cut jobs as part of a major £ 65 million restructuring to cut costs.

Chief Executive Officer Andy Reynolds Smith regretted that the move “will result in job losses”, although the magnitude of the cuts remains unknown.


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