Coronavirus live news: Trump says Fauci is “alarmist”; Hong Kong makes masks mandatory indoors | World news


In an extraordinary interview with Fox News on Sunday, US President Donald Trump called White House expert Dr.Anthony Fauci an “alarmist” and, when asked about the daily toll of around 1,000 coronavirus deaths in the country, said: “This is what it is.”The interview – in which Trump also argued over whether identifying an elephant was solid proof of mental stability – was particularly combative when she approached Covid-19, which has infected 3.7 million people and killed more than 140,000 people in the United States.

Fox News presenter Chris Wallace has repeatedly insisted on Trump about the death toll, which the president tried to hijack by showing death rates in other countries and claiming the United States had “One of the lowest in the world”.

“That’s not true, sir,” Wallace said correctly. The argument continued and Trump asked his publicist Kayleigh McEnany to “please bring me the death rate.”

“Do you have the figures, please?” Trump asked. “Because I’ve heard that we have the best death rate. Number, number one low death rate. ”

Waving a piece of paper, Trump said, “I hope you show this on the air because it shows what fake news is.”

“I don’t think I’m fake news,” Wallace said.

Wallace then showed a montage of Trump’s comments downplaying Covid-19, saying it would “disappear” at some point.

“I’ll be right eventually,” Trump said. “It will disappear. I repeat, it will go away and I will be right.

Wallace asked if Trump’s earlier comments about the disappearance of the coronavirus, which have not been confirmed, discredited him.

“I don’t think so, do you know why?” Because I’m probably right more than anyone.

Trump went on to say that masks can cause problems (they don’t have them) and say that an increase in testing is the reason the United States has so many cases. It’s not.


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