Coronavirus live news: American Democrats have said avoid the convention; Cases in Brazil exceed 2 million | News from the world


The directive ensures that little will happen at the physical convention site, with the exception of opening speeches by former vice-president Joseph R. Biden Jr., his vice-president candidate and d ” a handful of other senior party leaders. The rest of the event – state delegation meetings, parties and gossip, voting on the party platform and the appointment of Mr. Biden – will happen practically or not at all.In recent months, Democrats have scaled down their plans, moving the convention to downtown Milwaukee from the Fiserv Forum, the city’s professional basketball arena, to the Wisconsin Center, a modest convention center that hosts usually events like the city’s auto show. The last national political event to take place there was the 2004 Green Party convention. Party officials regularly consult doctors and epidemiologists and say that they follow the recommendations of the medical establishment.


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