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Idris Elba said that having a coronavirus had a “traumatic” impact on him mentally.

The actor and his wife Sabrina Dhowre tested positive for COVID-19 at the start of the epidemic.

He says he is now “fully recovered” and feels “fortunate to be alive and grateful to have been able to kick” the virus, in an interview with the Radio Times.

March: “It’s serious. Think about social distance »

But the 47-year-old added that the illness had wreaked havoc on his mind, saying, “I was asymptomatic, so I didn’t have the main symptoms that everyone had.”

“Mentally, it hit me very badly, because a lot was unknown about it.

“I felt very compelled to talk about it, just because she was such a stranger.

“So the mental impact of this on me and my wife was quite traumatic. ”

He added, “I needed the lock to try to get out. And it turns out that the world probably needed the lock too. ”

In April, the star suggested that the world go through a week of quarantine every year to remember what happened – but later rowed on comments.

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The Luther star was also among several creators who recently signed a letter calling for more investment in black talent in the entertainment industry.

However, he doesn’t want past productions to be censored, comme Little Britain.

He said that as a supporter of freedom of expression, he believes that viewers should see what has been done in the past, with some sort of rating system introduced.

Documentary: 8 minutes and 46 seconds

“The commissioners and archive holders who pull things they think are exceptionally deaf right now – fair enough and good for you,” said Elba.

“But I think going forward, people should know that freedom of expression is accepted, but the public should know what they are getting into.”

“I don’t believe in censorship. ”

In June, Elba told a documentary on Sky News – 8 minutes and 46 seconds: the assassination of George Floyd, after the wave of protests following the death of Mr. Floyd at the hands of the police.


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